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1950's Japan Ichiko CO's  Super Scarce Space Patrol Vehicle  Battery Operated Version ! -  Seldon seen all tin space vehicle with pilot under solid helmet holding his #1 banner with Pride as he just won the annual mars space race !!  His illuminated hood mounted cannon gave him a decided edge !!!. 2 tone in a blue/teal with beautiful space lithography depicting saucers, planets , rockets & stars.
As 50's as these toys get. This is the seldom seen battery version that many collectors didn't even realize existed !!!!! The toy is in very good C-8 Condition  sorry Display Only

1950's Japan Nomura CO's Rare Zoomer Robot with a Nice Reproduction Box- This is the hard to find gray version with the lighted bulb eyes. Very desirable primitive style vintage robot. Walks with lights & that hollow empty gaze that has so endeared so many collectors to this diminutive robot. The toy is in excellent C-8.5 condition & comes with a nice reproduction box. Functions as he should. The minor spot on leg is being professionally touched up.  Retractable antenna mounted n back . Great piece for any robot collection!  SOLD

1950's Original Japan SI MArk Space Money Bank with Original Box- Very difficult to find at The Griffith Auction this Space toy was estimated at 2K to 2500 ! Multicolor Litho'd tin Manually Operated globe spins on double axis. The ring simulates the Universe with many interesting litho's space scenes & space vehicles & planets. This particular example is in excellent C-9.0 condition withRARE Original box.


1960's Japan Marx CO's RARE High Bounce Moon Scout with Reproduction Box- Classic High bounce Moon Scout Very Tough to find & highly desired astronaut. This is an amazing toy that walks with spinning lighted antenna & swinging arms. Remote operated he also has an opening in the back of the helmet that allows balls to be placed inside which can be propelled out of his chest via the door with that patriotic flag litho'd on the chest. Rare to find this toy at all let alone with his ORIGINAL ANTENNA , BALLS , FACE SHIELD & REMOTE & is in excellent C-9 Condition with a nice reproduction Box.  SOLD

1960's Japan YoneCo's MECHANICAL WALKING ROBOT in Original Box -  Hardest of this series to find with the best Box Art !
4"H tin Wind Up. A very Cute small robot with nice litho details.Box has small tear...Robot is in Excellent C-9 Condition with it's C-8 Original Box Works perfectly SOLD

1950's Japan Nomura's Spaceman with rare original box - A great astronaut that is not only difficult to find but also seldom available with any kind of box. The spaceman is finished in silver & red with nice litho details . Actions include walking with a lighted helmet & arms carry both a lit flashlight & space gun . Face is litho'd under the spherical helmet & there is also the customary oxygen tanks on the back side. A wonderful addition to your collection ! The unit is in excellent C-8.5 condition with an excellent C-8.5 rare original box shown with original box . The toy is here now. SOLD

1950's Japan Nomura's Space Commando with repro box- Gorgeous astronaut finished in gray with many fine litho'd details front & back like dials & meters. Advances via clockwork mechanism while swinging that omnipotent gun toting arm. This particular example has his original dome which is in excellent condition with a few tiny scratches that you have to look at right up close to even notice. Overall condition is an outstanding C-9+ & includes a hard to find repro box which is very rare for this astronaut. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer example.

1960's Japan TN CO's SCARCE Space Patrol Car R-10 with Reproduction Box-    A large 12"+ Highly lithographed Space VW with a Large & highly detailed Space Man Piloting from a detailed interior. What appears to be nuclear fission powered propulsion system at the rear & exhaust areas. Split Spring Bumpers & coiled Loop antenna add  to the Charm.  This is our 4th one offered ! Outstanding C-9 condition with an awesome Repro box & 100% Original Including antenna & windshield !!! This toy is nearly impossible to find this clean SOLD

1960's Japan Horikawa CO's Scarce Space Commander with Scarce Original Box - The Holy Grail of Horikawa's This is the scarce Space Commander. Unusual Cyborg Style Semi Skirted Treads on a cylindrical torso that supports the Astronaut . Chest hides the imposing Guns. Bump & Go Action with swinging doors that reveal those nasty guns. Probably Horikawa's Greatest Box Art design depicting a fighting futuristic City Scape. The Commander has a disturbingly Erie presence on the box that makes it tough to determine friend or foe. Excellent C-9 condition with C-8 Original Box  SOLD

1960's Japan Y CO's Rare White  Mr Robot with Reproduction Box- We typically do not offer many Mr Robots as they are generally in poor condition with many problems. This particular example however was too good to pass up ! Excellent dome  Bright eyes , Ears,  Blue face plate & shiny chrome trim ring around lower head. The color band in the head is split as is common for these robots. Chest plate is nice & silver insert in clean & bright. Clean battery compartment. Bright glossy paint !  Overall Excellent C-8.5+ condition with a Reproduction  box. . All functions work perfectly. SOLD

1950's Japan Scarce Buzzer Robot with Box- Seldom seen scarce version of the more common directional robot. Loud annoying buzzer probably explains why this toy didn't have much of a production run, explaining why he is Highly prized & extremely sought after by serious collectors worlds over. Also turns head & moves with light & bump & go action. Display Only

1960's Japan ST CO's Robot with Very rare original Astronaut version Japanese Box- Nice Plastic Tin combo Robot . Very Colorful . Wind up Sparking action. This is both a Rare Color as well as Box version of this toy. Excellent C-9 condition with C-7 original Box


1960's China  Kang Yuan Toy  CO's Rare Moon Ship with Original Box- Scarce early Chinese Tinplate lithographed Friction Rocket with Rare Original Box. This version not often seen. Excellent C-9 Toy w/C-8 Original Box SOLD

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