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1950's Japan MT's Scarce RADICON ROBOT, GANG OF 5 member with ORIGINAL BOX- ! The worlds first real radio remote controlled robot. Radicon has no litho & is instead finished in a steel gray textured finish giving him a true robot appearance. Torso is inset with an electric light and gauge. Controlled by a radio remote. The actions include moving forward & backward while also being able to turn. The eyes, mouth & ears light up. The loops or antenna's on the ear spin. An outstanding example. In excellent C-9 condition Great ORIGINAL Box ! Appearence wise has one of the best finishes I have seen. CALL FOR PRICE

1950's Japan  Unmarked SCARCE Space Tank with 3 Astronaut Pilots & Remote- Very rare Space tank that has 3 astronauts , 2 with illuminated guns plus pilot & front mounted search light. Rarely seen & seldom offered. This toy operates via remote that steers as well as offering forward & reverse. Toy in excellent C-9 condition & works great .SOLD

1950's Japan Cragstans Scarce Great Astronaut with a repro box- The Cragstan Great Astronaut is one of the scarcest & tough to find astronauts.  This is an excellent addition for the advance or seasoned  collector. The toy is finished in an attractive Red & Black with a highly detailed astronaut head under the clear face plate. Advances with moving arms while a scrolling space scene revolves continuously in the real glass TV screen. A wonderful toy to own & one of the epitome of Japanese Space Toys.  Excellent C-9.0 with a great Repro Box. One of the best examples I have seen !

1950's Japan RARE Space Robot Patrol R-8 Car - This is one of the rarer space robot cars you will find. Finished in red blue silver & yellow lithographed tin. This friction powered car when in operation, the robot driven Mercedes ( hey  these robots had good taste !) style car travels forward & when an obstacle is struck the robot is ejected from the seat while spinning on the rod. Basically the same thing that happens if you strike a tree in your car w/out your seat belt. A tough toy to find but really hard to find in excellent C-9+ condition as this example is. The robot, his coil headed spring, the chrome, etc. are all in SUPERB shape ! SOLD

1990's Japan Osaka Co's Reproduction Battery Version Astro Boy with Original Box- Very Tough to find This mostly tin Astro Boy that was produced in the mid 90's & sold out quickly. Robot advances forward with lighted head & then chest door opens to reveal an awesome classic tin litho panel. excellent C-9.5+ condition with C-9.5+ Original Box , all paperwork & operates fine. Nice & easy to display. SOLD

1950's Japan TM CO's Space Patrol Saucer with Original Box- Very nicely colored & detailed Vintage Space Saucer carrying the classic 50's vintage style. Actions include lights , space sound , bump & go & an air stream to propel a styro ball (not included) In excellent C-9 condition with its rare C-8.0 original box- Purchase for only SOLD

1960's Hong Kong Mortoys CO's Robbie Robot with Original Box - Colorful whimsical  Rare Hing Kong Plastic Robbie Robot that operates with screeching mouth similar to the Target Robot. Excellent C-9 example with C-7+ Original Box


1950's JapanSAN CO's Fire Wings Rocket - Difficult to find Rocket with Tin litho pilot under stepped canopy dome. Nice Bright colors & a very desirable well proportioned rocket from the 1950's era Japanese Toys . I have only seen one other example listed in Future toys  Very Nice C-8 + condition & friction powered that works fine - SOLD

1960's Japan Y CO's Rocket Launching Pad with Original Box- The Rocket launching pad is a real throwback to the golden age of space travel. You can almost feel like a part of NASA as the clock counts down while the screen flashes & ultimately the rocket & satellite are launched in orbit ! Beautiful tin lithography typical of these Japanese vintage toys surround all sides. The toy includes the Often missing Rocket & satellite which really enhances the value. Comes with C-7 original Box .

1960's Japan Cragstan CO's Rare Gray Mr. Robot in Scarce Original Box- Hardest Version to find & by far the most desirable box in this series. Robot moves with spinning lights under dome & bump & go action. The silver color is arguable the most attractive as well, highlighted by the red litho chest plate. Dome is in beautiful condition which is Rare on any of these robots. C-9 condition with his C-8+ Original Box ! Operates like a champ ! SOLD

1960's Japan Cragstan CO's Mystery Action Satellite with Original Box- Great lithography , colors & actions on this hard to find compete Saucer toy. The Saucer movers with bump & Go while propelling the styro mounted astronauts in a stream of air emitted through the top, illuminated driver windshield is back lit displaying astronaut silhouettes inside. Red & green lights alternately flash . Great toy in Excellent C-9 condition with C-7+ Original Box. Works fine .


1950's Japan Cragstan CO's Robot Space Trooper with Scrace Original Box-  Made for Cragstan by Yoshiya this is a 100% Authentic Original 1950's Space Trooper , stamped Japan on the bottom. Operates via Crank Wind & Friction motor. The Robot moves forward while 3 copters move at the base turn clockwise. One Taller copter turns counter clockwise under dome. A very scarce robot with exceedingly scarce original box that has it's original price of  66 cents stamped on it. Robot works perfectly & is in near mint C-9 condition with C-9 Original Box. see more pictures on Auction Page 1  


1960's Japan SH CO's Secret Weapon Space Scout with Original Box Lid- One of the more desirable SH Robots the Secret Scout operates via battery driven motor moving forward with swinging arms & illuminated chest that pops open to reveal 2 barrel guns shooting that are also illuminated. Operates fine. The Robot is in very good C-8.5 condition with it's C-9 Original Box lid. The Box bottom is generic. Just some minor tarnishing on the bright work which is very common to these 40 year old robots.

1960's Japan SY CO's Scarce Red version Robot with Spark with Exceptionally Rare Correct Version Red Robot depicted Box- Here is an outstanding C-9 Red Robot with Spark with it's Seldom seen Red Version C-8 Original Box. This correct box was not even in benchmark Collections like Davidson, Griffith , Lipps among many others . Given as a present in April of 1966 this ID is noted inside box lid. Amazing 40 year old survivor example .


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