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1950's Japan MT CO's RARE LAVENDER ROBOT A SCARCE GANG OF 5 MEMBER WITH ORIGINAL BOX- The lavender robot is without a doubt the most attractive of the gang of 5 robots. Truly one of the great robot collectibles of all time. A tremendous find & absolutely must have in any advanced collection. Moves with Non Stop Bump & go Mystery Action. The box art on this Robot is my favorite & what I consider among the most desirable The toy is in excellent C-9.0+ condition & works perfectly. Battery compartment & litho are bright & like new! You can own this awesome piece for CALL FOR PRICE

1950's Japan KO CO's Scarce Remote Control Space Dog with Exceedingly Scarce Original Box- One of the rarest of space toys & arguably the most desirable space dog.  The remote space dog features a double C remote that is litho'd with different space scenes on both sides. The dog itself is in excellent C-9 condition with only some minor creasing between the eyes & nose, common & most likely factory caused. Other wise bright shiny & rust free. The remote has some oxidation inside & a few minor areas where the litho has lifted on both sides of the remote. This can be expertly repaired. Original battery paper inside the remote ( has a few stains). The toy functions as it should moving forward with opening & closing mouth Illuminated red gel at the rear & spinning antenna. The antenna may have been replaced with an identical copy. Original Box was restored to very good condition . SOLD

1980'S Japan TOmy CO's Rare Omnibot 2000 with Original Box- This Omnibot 2000 by TOMY is in the original box with the original shipping carton. It comes wit the instructions, remote, tray with lid that goes over the cup holder. (no home base) We charged the battery. It seems to hold a little charge. Just enough for it to operate a little bit, then it runs out of power. We had it working for short periods of time. The front controls operate, and the tape player operates. It is in very good condition and with a battery , it should run just fine!!! Please understand that I have not tested this robot to its fullest potential, but I did get it to operate on a limited basis like head left to right, all lights came on, arm moved. There was enough power to move the wheels back and forth a little. Robot is being sold as is. SOLD

1990's MTH CO"S MR ATOMIC REPRO in Mint Reproduction Box- MTH executed an outstanding Reproduction of the scarce Mr. Atomic. An original in a mint Box is valued up to 25K but this identical reproduction can be yours for a fraction of that cost. Robot in mint C-10 condition with a C-10 repro box. Does not however include the MTH packing box which was basically a shipping box. Robot operates perfectly & will truly delight you with its operation & enhance your collection.

1950's JapanTM CO's RARE Billy on a Rocket-  ough to find & highly desired astronaut. This is an amazing toy moves with friction power. One of 2 versions & the better looking of the 2. Not available too often. C-8+ condition Brigh & clean no oxidation . SOLD

1950's Japan Nomura's Moon
Patrol Space Division No.3 with
Repro Box-
This very rare & desirable unit was mfg
from the original tooling of the Robbie
Space Patrol sled once that famous
toy was pulled off shelves. Finished in
blue with litho'd details of satellites &
stars with a tin litho'd astronaut driver
with head under dome. The clear front
dome houses an illuminated revolving
astro globe with stars, perforations,
tinplate planet, saucer & rockets as
well. Excellent C-9.0 condition.
Works fine. Slight crack in dome as
they all have. Underneath & battery box
are near mint. SOLD

1950's USA Baranger CO's RARE Honeymoon Motion Rocket- As seen in Kitahra's Book Yesterdays Toys. This is one of perhaps 6 or 7 Surviving rare Baranger Motion Display Rockets . Moon Rotates as rocket pitches & Yaws up & down. Honeymoon couple turn towards each other & pilots turns head to look at the couple. Amazing Electric Powered action. Probably the 1st or 2nd most coveted of all the baranger displays. Buck Rogers inspired rocket design with beautiful Art Deco period touches. Display

1950's Japan Sonsco CO's Scarce Blue Spaceman with Exceedingly Scarce Original Box- Not only the most rare in this series of Astronauts but has perhaps one of 3-4 known original boxed examples . Toy is excellent C-9 Condition with very good C-8.0 original box . Works as it should. Tough to find a better example let alone a boxed version. Display Only

1950's Japan Amico Co's Answer Game Robot with Original Box- Gig 15" classically designed vintage Japanese Robot Multi Levers & gears function as to what amounts to a primitive calculator, Only don't expect to actually get correct equations. I don't think these ever actually functioned in that respect. One eye lights up for addition & the other one for subtraction. The Head intermittently lights & spins, sometimes that function does not operate so keep that in mind. Eyes both illuminate as they should & the gears to whir & spin ! Excellent C-9 condition with his C-7 Original Box Bright & clean litho & bright work ! Box has internal clear tape repairs & some front repaired tears. Displays like a gem !

1950's Japan Nomura CO's Rare Radar Robot with Reproduction Box- Other than the musical drummer . This version of the radar / zoomer style robots has to be the most desirable. Unlike the solid colored zoomers & multi color radar, this radar robot sports nice lithographic details on back pack style control panel that also houses the shaft of its retractable antenna. Very Unique style with lithography details on the feet & legs as well. The robot advances forward Via remote control with lighted eyes & blinking light housed in its radar dish. The toy is in Very good C-8.5 condition with a great Reproduction Box, antenna is all original . The toy functions as it should however the remote is missing & we have used a substitute. The original remote came in 2 versions & are not particularly difficult to find. Still a wonderful piece for your robot collection & he operates fine. SOLD

1950's Japan Cragstan CO's Robot Space Trooper with Reproduction Box-  Made for Cragstan by Yoshiya this is a 100% Authentic Original 1950's Space Trooper , stamped Japan on the bottom. Operates via Crank Wind & Friction motor. The Robot moves forward while 3 copters move at the base turn clockwise. One Taller copter turns counter clockwise under dome. A very scarce robot with exceedingly scarce original box that has it's original price of  66 cents stamped on it. Robot works perfectly & is in good  C-8 condition with Outstanding Reproduction Box which has much more detail & art work not found in the common reproduction boxes seen. see more pictures on Auction Page 1  


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