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1950's Japan Nomura CO's Scarce Mobile Space TV Unit with rare Original Box- Tough to find Battery Operated Space Vehicle. Beautiful Blue Litho'd tin with a tin litho'd astronaut under dome that travels with Mystery Action while 3 TV Lenses on the TV Camera Rotate & the side TV Screens project & scrolling Space Scene. The Antenna on the attached trailer revolves. A very Scarce toy to find & a rare Original box as well. In excellent C-9+ condition with a rare Original box. Functions perfectly. When will you see another ? SOLD

1960's Japan Mr Mercury Gold with Original box- Standing almost 13" finished in Gold with Remote & metal arms. This robot is in great working condition. All of his functions work.  Mr. Mercury arms raise and lower, they also open and close. He can walk forward and bend over to pick up items. He is in Very Good C-8.5 condition with an Excellent C-8.5 original box with Inserts !  Ears are Original & top of head is very nice ! Foam Pads on hands need replaced (common malady of this robot). His Main flaw is a crack in the upper visor under the lid which is not visable unless you look under the visor. Visor reveals a minor crease which apparently caused the crack Still displays beautifully & operates like a champ !   SOLD

1950's Japan Alp CO's Moon Explorer Robot with repro box-  Just in from Atlantic City The Rare Moon Explorer Robot. On top of many wish lists & with good reason . Fantastic size, actions & colors on this great toy. Advances forward with moving arms, a see saw tin litho pendulum on lower portion , revolving wheels flank the moon clock. Awesome to watch. This example is in excellent C-8.5 condition & comes with a hard to find repro box. The right arm is slightly loose & there is some minor crazing on the arms & around head. Again very minor & you have to look closely at the toy to even notice. Operates perfectly. Finally a few pin prick marks around the left ear plate..& again very minor. All & all one of the best examples of this toy I have seen. Available now for only SOLD

1960's Japan Tomy CO's Rare Mike Robot with its Rare Original Box- This probably the nicest vintage plastic robot to come out of Japan . Mike robot is difficult to find & seldom available with a box let alone it's Original English Version. Beautifully designed with unique actions. You pull the Mike along which moves the robot with a clicking sound . The Microphone is designed so that when you speak into it the robots eyes light up & the mouth moves as you speak. These functions however work intermittently & sometimes not at all which is common for the toy. Overall the toy is in excellent C-9 condition with its rare C-8 original box. However there are some minor melt marks around the feet & remote as was normal for the toy the way it was packed with the wires making a chemical reaction with the plastic. Still a great & rare robot to own. SOLD

1950's Japan ATC CO's Scarce Prop Flying Robot Car with Original Box-  Very Tough to find in fact the toughest & most valuable in the series. Loose at Griffs this piece went for nearly 2.3K . Operates via friction mechanism. Nicely detailed blue litho'd robot contrasts nicely with the red & yellow Mercedes style sports car. This rare toy is in excellent C-9 condition with a very good restored Original Box  Operates as it should. Toy is 100% original

1950's Japan OHTA CO's Space Patrol Tank w/Scarce Original box- Extremely scarce space vehicle only seen listed in Brian Moran's Battery Toys # 118E & this is the actual toy that was shown in the book !  Early 50's tin space vehicle with great litho details & actions.  Has a beautifully detailed tin litho driver under clear dome with awesome swept fins on the side reminiscent of a Buck Rogers vehicle ! Actions include driver shooting his gun back & forth along with space sound & flashing lights , a TV screen is on the back & also flashes a space scene. Very imposing toy that also comes with the scarce original box. Toy is in excellent C-9+ condition w/C-9 Scarce Original Box .SOLD

1960's Japan Space Robot wit TV Camera & Screen (Tulip Head) with Rare Original Box- One of my all time favorites the Space Robot AKA Tulip Head is one of the most distinctive & colorful robots. Mainly tin with plastic arms. Lavender in color accented by very nice litho details. Robot walks forward , stops & the head peels open to reveal a space camera the revolves to capture the scene. The inside of the heads petals are very intricately detailed. Very fun & entertaining to watch. This toy is in excellent C-9 condition with his Original arms & an Excellent & rare Original box. Box has one side flap that is wavy but overall the box is very crisp !  The tin & battery Box are in outstanding condition & the robot looks as if it were hardly played with. The mouth piece & other bright work have some common minor tarnishing but not actually as dark as they appear in the photo. This robot is tough to find this nice. SOLD

1960's Japan Horikawa CO's Roto Robot with Original Box- Nice petite Robot that will enhance any collection ! The Roto Robot has realistic Stride Rotating body & shooting guns. This Robot is in excellent C-9 condition & comes with it's C-7 Original Box which is rare. Functions & displays wonderfully !

1950's Japan Linemar  CO's Rare Robotrac Bulldozer with a Rare Original Box- An excellent example of the rare Robotrac Bulldozer. This particular Robot Piloted vehicle has one of the most highly Litho'd & Original Styled Robot operators of any Robot Piloted Vehicle. Nice bright color litho details on the face similar to the scarce television Robot. The Toy operates with Bum & Go action with the Robot manning the gear selectors. A great Space toy to add to your collection ! The toy is in very good C-8.5 condition with its rare C-6.5 Original Box & operates as it should. The box has some creasing & tears but still displays nice with nice bright colors. SOLD

1960's Japan MT CO's Rare Space Scout S-17 with Original Box - One of my personal favorite designs is this Space Scout S-17 . Bulbous design with fins reminiscent of those late fifties early sixties cars. Wonderful teal color with red & yellow detail trim with an all tin litho yellow space pilot under dome that sweeps his laser cannon when operating . Red dome in front is illuminated. Toy is in excellent C-9 Condition with it's Rare C-7 Original Box.  Box has some staining ( common to this box ) & minor creases & tears. Antenna is a professionally made reproduction exact in scale to the original . SOLD

1950's Japan Cragstan Co's Scarce Space Themed 'Exploration Train with Scarce Original Box- Another former Cragstan Salesman Sample Toy, The Exploration Train is a rare toy & seldom available complete & by complete I mean all 12 track sections , Radar Dish , Tin Litho Missile, both bullet style front bumpers on main engine Spring loop antenna on main engine , & finally the anenna mounted missile. Please look for more detailed photo's on auction page 1. A small common stress crack on main engine red dome, barely visable under close scrutiny. I don't recall this toy ever being offered in excellent C-9 condition with it's C-7+ original Box & 100% complete including ALL INSERTS & Tissue Paper !!!  SOLD

1960's Hong Kong , Ranger Robot in Original Box - Cragstan Hong Kong robot in excellent C-9 w/C-8 original Box  fully working condition. Robot is battery operated with on / off mechanism `by removing / taking off ' its ' magic helmet'. Box is very good, complete and has inserts. This example, unusually has a completely undamaged battery cover which is easily broken due to the design. See 2 more pictures on Auction Page 2.


2006 Japan RARE Metal House CO's Cockpit Fighter 1 of only 10 Prototypes offered (of which we have 3)

Again this is one of only 10 !
Very rare to get a Japanese Prototype Robot  !


1960's Japan MT CO's Rare Kaman Rider Rocket- Friction Powered rare vintage japanese character piece. How often do you see. Excellent C-9 toy with C-7+ Original Box


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