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1950's  Japan MT CO's Scarce Giant Sonic Robot with Rare Reproduction box- The only member of the gang of 5 with this particular head design. The sonic advances with Bump & Go action & lights as well as his trademark WOO WOO train sound which is the reason many collectors call him the train robot. The robot is finished in Red with Litho's panels , very similar in design to Machine Man. This is a very tough robot to find , especially in this excellent C-9 condition with a Rare repro  Box. The robot functions as it should & there is some minor touch up, barely noticeable. Nice glossy finish & the litho panels are superb. The black color on the face is in excellent shape.

2005 Japan Metal House CO's T28 Driver Robots with Original  Boxes- Excellent New Robots limited to only 50 in each color . This incredible new design robot is Already SOLD OUT & highly collectible due to its rarity and incorporation of the most famous Japanese Anime Character Tetsujin T-28 .

DISPLAY Only One Extra silver however is available & currently on ebay.

1960's Japan SH CO's Floating Satellite Game With Original Box- Tough toy to find. The toy consists of a classic vintage space scene backdrop on heavy cardboard stock with a motor mounted behind that expels air to "float" the round plastic satellite that you shoot down with your dart gun. I use the background against robots & it looks fantastic ! The toy is complete with original box, Spring & one satellite ball however the dart gun is missing although it is a common dart gun used on many toys In very good C-9 condition with a C-7.5 original box . Box has some tears & part of the side flap is missing . Functions as it should.  SOLD

1950's Japan Linemars Lantern Robot w/SCARCE ORIGINAL BOX & SCARCE COLOR VERSION - The Lantern or Powder Robot as collectors refer to, is one of the rarest robots in the world and seldom available. The Robot has classic robot appearance with very unusual action. The head lid opens revealing a chamber filled with talcum powder that is blown through the mouth while operating. The lantern also lights up as do the light bulb eyes. Finished in an attractive steel gray with scarce gold & red litho'd details & red remote control. Works perfectly with a very strong puffing action. Excellent C-9 condition with Original Box in C-8.5 Condition Display only piece .

1950's Japan Linemar CO's Rare Moon Space Ship with Scarce Original Box- Hard to find & highly desirable space toy . This is one of the rare versions of the sleds with the satellite under dome . Great space theme lithography graces the sled & is finished in a nice light metallic aqua blue. Moves with mystery action , space sound & lights. Excellent C-9 condition & works perfectly with it's scarce C-8 Original Box !  Where will you see another ?  SOLD

1960's Japan Marx CO's Col Hap Hazard with Reproduction Box- Tough to find battery operated astronaut. Finished in a bright white with red trim Nasa Logo & plastic red oxygen tanks on the back. Walks with swinging arms & lighted revolving antenna & the toy is in excellent C-9 condition & functions perfectly comes with a nice reproduction box. The face shield is Original while the antenna is a very high quality copy from classic tin toys. SOLD

1950's Japan Yonezawa's Scarce Astro Scout 3 with Repro Box - Finally All completed ! here is the scarce astro scout 3 ..Early astronaut that is motivated by crank action. Finished in a solid hammered blue. The comical balloon style arms add that vintage early space suit perspective to the toy. Through the Magic of Chris at Classic Tin Toys & a few Ben Franklins ( ha-ha) The astro scout has completed his long overdue overhaul with brand spanking new arms & face shield . Works incredibly well.  Overall his condition is remarkably fine C-9 with a nice reproduction of the Original Box with a bright glossy finish.   Display Only

1950's Japan MT CO's Rare Moon Rocket in Original Box- Tough to find vintage rocket. Rocket has motor driven rear wheels and "Action lighted spinning rocket engine & Radar lunar scope". The front wheel swivels. The fins are removable. Model is the XM-12. Toy has "bulb replacement feature". This early rocket toy has been used but is in very good overall condition (paint & decals) with the original box. The box has some slight cut damage on top but is still very good as can be seen in pictures. The toy's battery door has the small latch missing but could easily be replaced. The battery compartment has some minor corrosion but is a small cosmetic staining that is not affecting the overall look or function of the battery compartment which is very solid. Toy measures approx.13inches. The condition is Very Good C-8.0+ condition with Original C-7.0 Box. When will you find another with Original Box ?  SOLD

2005 Re-engineered in the USA Ozzie's Exclusive Dynamo Robot - 1 of 6 produced . One of 3 blue versions , One of 2 versions Blue with Red details. Robot walks with moving arms & lighted eyes, Stops , "electric wires" in hands illuminates, Chest lightning Bolt illuminates , electric spark sound is generated & smoke is emitted fromt the nose. The Worlds only nose smoker  !


1960's West Germany Technofix CO's Rare Terra Lune with Original Box- You would be hard pressed to find box art superior to this wind up marvel from technofix. The awesome terra lune consists of a space vehicle traveling around the all tin litho's earth & moon orbit. Nice classic vintage rockets depicted on the toy. In excellent C-9 condition with its C-8 Original Box . This particular version was the second design that lacked the satellite antenna & came with only 1 car. This vintage space toy is one of only a handful to come out of Germany & is a beautiful addition to any serious space toy collection. SOLD

1960's Japan Cragstan Co's Rare Mobile Satellite Tracking Station with Rare Original Box- One of the few Space toys featured in Moran's Battery Toys Book. This Pristine example is from a former Cragstan Salesman hence only used as a display toy for toy buyers. Since it was never handled by children it remains in excellent C-9+ Condition with it's rare C-9 Original Box..All inserts  including the special insert for Cape Canaveral Antenna as well as the original Plastic Battery Compartment Slip insert which makes inserting the batteries a breeze. Operates perfectly . You'd be hard pressed to find a better or more historic example ! SOLD

1960's Japan KO/Cragstan CO's Bump & Go Space Explorer with Original Box Bottom- Yet another pristine former Cragstan Salesman Demo Toy / The Bump & Go explorer uses Crank action for bump & go action with Moving Pistons . Excellent C-9+ Condition with Original Box Bottom ! Nice clear Dome & Shiny Antenna ! Some detail photo's available at Auction Page 1

1950's Japan TN CO's ORIGINAL Mechanized Robot with Original  Box- Excellent example of the real 1950's Robby. The robot that fueled the collecting craze. The Robot is in Excellent C-9  condition with a very nice C-8 condition original Box  All of Robby's functions work perfectly His paint is clean Nice dome & hands. This is the version with the Brass round battery knobs .  Clean battery boxes. Minimal factory type blemishes barely visible, bright work is excellent . 100% Original Toy including dome ! Works fine.   SOLD

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